Apprenticeship Frameworks
An Apprenticeship is a structured programme of training which gives the learner the opportunity to work for an employer, learn on the job and build up knowledge and transferable skills that will be needed throughout a working life. Across the UK there are over 100 apprenticeships to choose from, covering just about every sector of industry and commerce. Apprenticeships will take between 12 months and 48 months to complete depending on the industry requirements.

They are a nationally recognized qualification, providing learners with a "passport" to rewarding careers, and employers with talented and competent employees. Employers obtain financial assistance from Government towards developing their workforce's skills.

With the support of employers, Cogent has developed Apprenticeship frameworks; they provide a model for apprenticeship training and therefore a tool to assist employers in the development of their own apprenticeships. The frameworks take account of the requirements of nationally laid-down criteria for funding in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Excellent opportunities are available for motivated young men and women to pursue careers in the Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Petroleum and Polymer industries through Apprenticeships. OPITO manages a modern apprenticeship programme for entry into the oil and gas industry on behalf of employers in the oil and gas sector, this includes recruitment and placement.For the other sectors recruitment is managed by employers or training providers.

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