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Cogent and our National Skills Academy partners
The National Skills Academies for Nuclear and  for the Process Industries are giving employers a unique opportunity to shape training as well delivering products that work right across the Sector, ensuring transferable 21st Century skills.

Each Skills Academy has developed a bespoke model that reflects the needs of the employers in the Sector. Underpinning all of this are linked networks of accredited providers who provide training and qualifications based on Cogent standards.

Cogent works in close partnership with the Academies developing and quality assuring vocational training:

As this value chain shows, Cogent is  developing strategic skills action plans, undertaking research, developing qualifications, setting standards and representing the employer voice.  At the other side National Skills Academies undertake regional employer engagement and deliver skills solutions, products and services to meet their needs.

A network of accredited training providers has been developed by the Skills Academies to deliver Gold Standards and Job Contexts.

The Skills Academies have regional employer boards in place that meet on a regular basis to address regional issues. Together the Skills Academies have over 100 paying members and over 150 associated members engaged with their skills activities; most of these are the medium/large companies representing a significant percentage of the workforce.

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