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Nuclear Industry Training Framework

Nuclear Industry Skills Standards Advisory Group (NISSAG)

Job Context
Nuclear Industry Training Standards

Nuclear Industry Training Framework

Cogent’s sector-wide Nuclear Industry Training Framework includes all the nuclear Job Roles, qualifications and industry standards relevant to the industry. The framework is the benchmark for employers for skills gap analysis and has been shaped by industry for industry.

Job Context

A concept of Job Contexts has been developed to describe the role profiles across the breadth of the nuclear industry.  The Job Contexts provide a common framework for capturing the competences and Nuclear Industry Qualifications and Training.  This enables the comparison of industry roles and the basis for skills gap analysis. 
Thirteen Job contexts each with five skills levels are defined.  These are:

Job Contexts
  • Energy Production Operations
  • Decommissioning Operations
  • Process Operations
  • Maintenance Operations
  • Safety & Security
  • Radiation Protection
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Design
  • Scientific & Technical Support
  • Business
  • Construction
  • Waste & Repository Operations
  • Commissioning   
Job Contexts developed to date are:

Nuclear Industry Training Standards
Training Standards have been developed to capture industry-wide, agreed common training requirement for a range of disciplines across the nuclear industry.  They consist of agreed learning outcomes and the assessment criteria.

The development of these important standards has taken place in consultation with the National Skills Academy, industry groups and where applicable the relevant trade, professional or training association or subject matter experts.

The Training Standards are embedded in Job Contexts, identified on the Cogent Skills Match Tool and via the Nuclear Skills Passport.  They provide a benchmark for the Nuclear industry and training providers to measure their in-house training and commercial provision against.  The Nuclear Skills Academy will use an assessment process to identify and provide recognition for in-house and commercial provision which meets the relevant training standard.

Click here for a synopsis of the agreed Training Standards.   
For more information contact

Nuclear Industry Skills Standards Advisory Group (NISSAG)   

Click here for the NISSAG Terms of Reference

Minutes of previous Meetings

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