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Cogent Sector Qualifications Reform
In October 2007 Cogent completed the development of a comprehensive Sector Qualifications Strategy.  This high level, strategic document identifies what additions/changes need to be made to the existing pattern of qualifications provision in order to meet the future skills needs and demands of the Cogent sector.
Sector qualifications strategies are a key mechanism for the delivery of the Leitch vision of employer-driven skills supply.  Cogent has consulted extensively with employers and stakeholders to define a shared vision of the provision needed to meet current and forthcoming skills challenges.  In future all qualifications development for the sector will need to demonstrate how it aligns with the Cogent SQS.

Cogent will be responsible for ensuring the SQS document continues to reflect the qualification needs of the sector.  This is likely to involve an incremental review of the document every three years.  The next review of the Cogent SQS document is anticipated in 2010.

The Sector Qualification Action Plan

Following on from the publication of the Cogent Sector Qualification Strategy in October 2007 we have produced a detailed Action Plan to take forward our vision for future qualifications.An Interim Action Plan covering the period from January-June 2009 has been approved and we are currently updating the Action Plan to cover work to be undertaken from July 2009 to June 2011.It includes detailed qualifications reform and a series of partnership projects with NSAPI, NSAN, the LSC, Regulatory Bodies, Awarding Bodies and other stakeholders.

We are currently migrating Cogent’s existing NVQs from the current National Qualifications Framework (NQF) onto the new Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).OfQual (formerly the QCA) have set a deadline for this activity at the end of December 2010, by which time the accreditation for all NVQs will have expired on the NQF.As the ‘owner’ of the National Occupational Standards from which these NVQs are developed Cogent will be taking the lead in this work and has set out a broad timescale for NVQ migration from now until Dec 2010.

The second strand of work is the creation of smaller, bite-sized competence qualifications to cover aspects of the content from the existing NVQs.These new modular qualifications will form the basis of the Gold Standard.  We have already created a number of qualifications to support the Gold Standard and are progressing with further qualification development to support emerging Gold Standards.

For more information on this work please contact Matt Hardy, Education and Qualifications Manager, on Tel: 01925 515230.

Please click here for information on sector qualifications reform.

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