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The Cogent Skills Oracle

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What is the Cogent Oracle and what are the benefits to your company? 

Skills Oracle is a unique online project surveying, over time, a significant and consistent sample of employers.  It is a barometer of skills, training and investment trends.  Companies taking part in Skills Oracle form a Expert Panel.  It provides unique primary data for the Cogent sector and the benefits for employers include:

  • Individual company benchmarking against industry averages.
  • Supports Cogent in influencing Government Policy on behalf of employers.
  • Highlights industry skills needs, traning needs, investment trends as well as economic factors.

 Impact and Output Measures

  • Workforce "Stock & Flow" data.
  • Job vacancies and hard-to-fill vacancies.
  • Employer investment in further work related eduction/training.
  • Skills gaps, skill shortages and upskilling trends.
  • Economic indicators, including changes to the economy.
  • Anticipating what lies ahead, including short and long term skills plans.

Taking Part in the Skills Oracle
Cogent is now seeking to expand the number of employer taking part in the Skills Oracle.  This will help the science-using industries better understand their future by exploring the impact of the key driving forces affecting their sector.

If you would like to take part in the Skills Oracle 2010 or for more information, please click here.

Definitions & Top Tips for Completing the Skills Oracle 2010

Please click here to download further information.

The Skills Oracle adheres to the Cogent Research Charter.  Please click here for more information
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