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14 - 19 Diplomas
The Diploma is a new qualification that can be taken at school or college. There are up to 10 subjects to choose from in September 2009 in different areas of the country. By 2011, there will be 17 subjects in total. Cogent is currently involved in the development of 3 lines of learning.

Manufacturing and Product Design

Diploma in Engineering

For the Diploma in engineering your course will look at 3 main areas:

  1. The engineered world: Looks at the importance of engineering in the modern world and the impact engineering has on the way we live our lives
  2. Discovering engineering technology: Introduces basic engineering principles such as design, materials, electronics systems, maintenance and manufacturing
  3. Engineering the future: Looks at what makes innovations succeed, how new materials contribute to design and how to develop and launch new ideas

If you're doing a Higher or Advanced Diploma, you'll be looking at the same themes but exploring them in more detail and in different practical ways. Like how engineering businesses operate and the processes involved, as well as science and maths disciplines. You'll also learn how to use technology, programs like Computer Aided Design, to produce scaled models.

At Advanced Level you will look at these themes in more depth plus a new one: Analytic Methods in Engineering. This is about understanding and applying mathematical and scientific principles in engineering analysis, design and problem solving.

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Diploma in Manufacturing and Product Design

For the Diploma in manufacturing and product design your course will look at 3 main areas:
  1. Product design and science: Considers the process of manufacturing a product, from the purchasing of raw materials to the sale of the finished product
  2. Business and enterprise: Provides an introduction to manufacturing as a business
  3. Production systems: Gives an insight into the skills, techniques and processes to turn your ideas into reality.
You’ll have the opportunity to cover five sub-sectors: food and drink; textiles and apparel; processing; chemicals, polymers and pharmaceuticals; and engineering materials.

If you’re doing a Higher or Advanced Diploma, you’ll look at the same themes but in more detail. Like product design and development, how a manufacturing business is structured and how it uses financial records, plus how to work efficiently when manufacturing a product.

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For further information regarding either the Diploma in Engineering or the Diploma in Manufacturing and Product Design contact Ian Moores

Diploma in Science

A consortium of SSCs is currently developing the new Diploma in Science, which is to be delivered in schools by 2011.

This Diploma is aimed at ensuring that science will captivate new learners, will teach science in relevant and stimulating contexts, and give young people the knowledge and skills they need to pursue higher-level study of science, or entry to science-related employment.  As part of this, Cogent is leading on the engagement of with Higher Education, and will be involved in the qualification development for the Diploma.

Developed to meet the needs of universities and businesses, Diplomas will secure a fully-rounded education for all young people at all levels of ability. They will combine in-depth theoretical and practical study of specific subject areas, a strong focus on English, Maths and ICT skills and opportunities to apply their learning in work-related contexts. Diploma students will also be able to communicate and analyse data at the highest levels, while at the same time developing a broader set of personal skills and attitudes that businesses and universities require: the ability to learn independently, think creatively, solve complex problems, manage time effectively, show determination and resilience and work with others.

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