Cogent SSC operates through a main office, supported by a network of home-based advisers.

Cogent SSC Ltd
Unit 5, Mandarin Court
Centre Park
Warrington, Cheshire
Tel: 01925 515200
Fax: 01925 515240                    Location Map

Chief Executive Officer: Joanna Woolf
 Operations Director: Laura Baker  
Engaging with Employers  
 Strategic Development Director, John Holton  
 Jayne Edwards - Employer Engagement Development Manager  
 Bill Erskine - Special Advisor  
 Tim Eyre - Skills Development Manager Chemicals and Pharamecuticals  
 Kieran Quill -   Skills Development Director Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (South East)  
 Tony Pringle - Skills Development Director Polymers  
 Clive Smith - Skills Development Director Nuclear  
 Walter Williamson - Skills Development Director Petroleum  
 Research & Science Director: Brian Murphy  
Steve Bennett - Research Manager
Una Borte - Market Analyst  
Pauline Maden - Higher Education Curriculum Manager  
Julie Plumbley - Project Manager, Research  
Caroline Sudworth - Manager - Higher Education Engagement
Standards and Qualifications  
 Education and Qualifications Director: James Murdock.  
 Matthew Hardy - Standards and Qualifications Manager
 Dawn Hillier -  Standards and Qualifications Manager  
 Ian Lockhart - Apprenticeship Manager  
 Ian Moores -   14-19 Project Manager  
 Helen Murray - Standards and Qualifications Manager
 Maureen Nield - Standards and Qualifications Manager
 Christine Sakhardande - Product Manager  
Stakeholder Relationship  
 Stakeholder and Policy Director Jaine Chisholm-Caunt
 Julia Bennett - Project Manager  
 Paul Coffey - Scotland Skills Manager
 Andrew Evans - Skills Director Wales  
 Hugh McGurk  - Northern Ireland Skills Manager  
 Chas Hubbard - England Skills Manager  
Communications and Marketing  
 External Affairs & Communications Director : Mervin Dadd:  
 Charlotte Fox - Careers Pathways
 Judith Holcroft - Communications Manager  
 Kate Hutchins - Information and Events Manager  
 Matthew Lowe - Marketing and Communications Officer  
 Business Support  
 Director of Finance : Karl Gorge  
 Fiona Dellar  - Finance Manager  
 Sarah Haber - PA to Chief Executive & Business Support  
 Rachel Stubbings - Administrator  
 Melanie Welch - External Project Funding Co-ordinator  
 Alliance of Sector Skills Councils
 Sarah McLoughlin - Project Manager Cross Sector
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